Queen Snow

Queen Snow White, Better Known as Snow White, is the Queen of Fairentopia and the Former Princess of Beauty Gale.

Biography. Edit

  • Full Name: Queen Snowlinda Elizabeth 'Snow' White of Fairentopia.
  • Birthday: April 3rd, 1980.
  • Current Age: 34.
  • Occupation(s): Queen, Mother, Home Economics Teacher.
  • Other Names: Mom, Mother, Mommy, Mama, (By Miranda, Apple and Simon.) Fairest one of all (By Florian.), Pest (By Queen Grimhilde.), Mrs. White. (By her Students.) Your Majesty. (By her Subjects.)
  • Alignment: Good.
  • Family: King Florian. (Husband.) Princess Miranda. (Daughter.) Princess Apple. (Daughter.) Prince Simon. (Son.) Queen Grimhilde. (Step-Mother.) Queen Violetta. (Mother; Deceased.) King Alexander. (Father; Deceased.)
  • Friend(s): Queen Cindy. (Best Friend.) Queen Aurora. (Best Friend.) Queen Jasmine. (Best Friend.) Queen Ariel. (Best Friend.) Princess Attina. (Friend.) Princess Alana. (Friend.) Princess Aquata. (Friend.) Princess Arista. (Friend.) Princess Andrina. (Friend.) Queen Elsa. (Best Friend.) Queen Anna. (Best Friend.) Queen Tiana. (Friend.) Pocahontas. (Frenemy.) Queen Mulan. (Role Model.) Princess Merida. (Enemy.) Queen Belle. (Friend.) Queen Rapunzel. (Best Friend.)
  • School: The Royal Elementary School Academy. (Formerly; 1982-1990.) Royal Middle School. (Formerly; 1990-1993.) Fairy Tale High School. (Formerly; 1993-1997.) Royal University. (Formerly; 1997-2001.)
  • Astrological Sign: Aries, the Ram.
  • Chinese Sign: Monkey.
  • Birthstone: Diamond.
  • First Apperance: Pilot.
  • Last Apperance: N/A.
  • Portrayer/Voice: Adriana Caselotti.

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