King Florian White of Fairentopia, Better Known as The Prince, is the Husband of Snow White and the Father of Miranda, Apple and Simon White.

Biography Edit

  • Full Name: King Fredinand Simon 'Florian' White of Fairentopia.
  • Birthday: October 15th, 1977.
  • Current Age: 36.
  • Occupation(s): Father, King, Actor, DJ.
  • Other Names: Pops, Daddy, Dad, Father, Dada. (By Miranda, Apple and Simon.) Honey, Sweetheart, Sweetie, Honey Bear. (By Snow.) DJ Flor-e-in. (By Club Thirty.) Mr. White. (By his Fans.)
  • Alignment: Good.
  • Family: Queen Snow. (Wife.) Princess Miranda. (Daughter.) Princess Apple. (Daughter.) Prince Simon. (Son.) Queen Grimhilde. (Step Mother-in-Law.) Queen Violetta. (Mother-in-Law; Deceased.) King Alexander. (Father-in-Law; Deceased.) Queen Lillian. (Mother.) King Simon. (Father.)
  • Friend(s): King Charming. (Best Friend.) King Adam. (Best Friend.) King Naveen. (Best Friend.) King Kristoff. (Best Friend.) King Jack. (Friend.) King Phillip. (Friend.)
  • School: The Royal Elementary School Academy. (Formerly; 1979-1987.) Royal Middle School. (Formerly; 1987-1990.) Fairy Tale High School. (Formerly; 1990-1994.) Royal University. (Formerly; 1994-1998.)
  • Astrological Sign: Libra, the Balence Scale.
  • Chinese Sign: Snake.
  • Birthstone: Opal and Tourmaline.
  • First Apperance: Pilot.
  • Last Apperance: N/A.
  • Portrayer/Voice: Harry Stockwell.

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