"Oh, Elsa! You Thought that Ice was mightier than fire! Mwahhaa! Sweetie, that's all about to Change!"-To Elsa in Elsa VS Ember


  • Full Name: Queen Ember Mierabella Alexandria Arendelle of the Fire Kingdom
  • Born: August 21st, 1980
  • Age: 34-35 Years Old in Season 1.  35-36 Years Old in Season 2.
  • Brothers: None
  • Sisters: Anna (Younger)  Elsa (Younger)  Darla (Older)  Cameron (Older)
  • Powers and Abilities: Dress Making, Hair Style Creating, Fire, Heat, Sun Powered Abilities, Evil Powers
  • Alignment: Evil
  • Aunts: Primrose
  • Uncles: None
  • Nieces-Elsa: Kathryn, Bethany
  • Nephews-Elsa: Alex
  • Nieces-Anna: Anna Jr, Alyssa, Amy
  • Nephews-Anna: Andrew, Kristoff Jr
  • Nieces-Darla: Flora, Darla Jr
  • Nephews-Darla: None
  • Nieces-Cameron: Tammy
  • Nephews-Cameron: Anthony
  • Mother: Idun
  • Father: Adgar
  • First Apperance: Ember comes to Call
  • Last Apperance: N/A

Personality and TraitsEdit

Unlike her Sisters, Anna and Elsa, Ember is Quite Evil. She'd rather Burn her own Sister than save a puppy's life. She is Cold and Cruel, Ironically, her Heart is Warm, but Cold with Evil.


  • Her Name is a Play on the Word, Embers, which means glowing coals that keep a Fire Alive.

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